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Timeshare Resort Selling

Timeshare Selling Of Unused Membership

Our organisation provide a platform to timeshare owner to sell there timeshare membership at genuine price. we are Specializes in selling Timeshare at genuine prices . We have a team of experienced , talented and knowledgeable sales associates for the timeshare resales . If you are looking to sell timeshare , then you are at the right place. We have over 8 years of timeshare resale experience and our timeshare experts know what it takes to sell timeshares. How do we sell timeshares we are in constant touch with our old members if any family friend wants to buy they contact us we reaches millions of potential buyers through strong presence in Timeshare industry and large marketing network , Internet exposure,co-broker.

S. No. Resort Name Unit TypeSell PriceContact Us
1.Countryvacations Studio 1,20,000Enquiry
2.Countryvacations 1B/R 1,50,000Enquiry
3.Vits Mumbai Studio 1,10,000Enquiry
4.Avalon Resort 1B/R 1,40,000Enquiry
5.Sterlingholidays Studio(99years) 2,00,000Enquiry
6.Sterlingholidays 1BR(99years) 3,00,000Enquiry
7.Clubmahindra 1BR(White) 1,50,000Enquiry
8.Clubmahindra Studio(Red) 2,00,000Enquiry
9.Toshalisands Studio 90,000Enquiry
10.Palmarinharesortgoa Studio 1,00,000Enquiry
11.Toshali Royalviewshimla 1BR 2,00,000Enquiry
12.Countryvacations Studio(10years) 60,000Enquiry
13.Clifftopclubauli Studio 1,50,000Enquiry
14.Mountainclubbhimtal Studio 1,00,000Enquiry
15.Jukaso Resorts Studio 70,000Enquiry
16.Clubmahindra Studio(Purple) 3,00,000Enquiry
17.Fortchanwaluni Studio 1,20,000Enquiry
18.Hillcountry Ooty Studio(99years) 2,00,000Enquiry
19.Hillcountrykodaikanal Studio 90,000Enquiry
20.Lakelandcountryclub Studio 70,000Enquiry
21.Magicholidays 1BR 1,75,000Enquiry
22.Royalgoanbeachclubgoa Studio 1,50,000Enquiry
23.Royalgoanbeachclubgoa 1BR 2,50,000Enquiry
24.Nainiretretnanital Studio 1,50,000Enquiry
25.Countryinnbhimtal Studio 1,00,000Enquiry
26.Royalgoanbeachclubhathimahal 1BR 4,00,000Enquiry
27.Orangecountycoorg 1BR 5,00,000Enquiry